Let’s be honest about something

Luke at Covenant Eyes sent me a link to this video a few days ago (actually he did it in his comment on this post) and asked me to “splash it up” on this blog.  Here goes, Luke – and thanks for what you and the rest of the team at Covenant Eyes are doing for the sake of Jesus Christ, the gospel, and people who are so vulnerable and prone to sin (let’s be honest – that’s all of us!).



Why is this so timely? 

Another friend of mine sent me a link to this video (thanks Greg) which has some incredible statistics. 



I’m not inclined to join a witch-hunt against technology – in fact, I kind of like technology.  Technology itself is morally neutral, but as a “tool,” it is capable of being used for good or for evil.  As that technology advances, that capability for good or evil grows exponentially.  Which is why the labors of Covenant Eyes and others like them are so necessary.

Incidentally, if you watched the second video, consider that compared to God, all of our collective technology — past, present and future — is still merely a drop in the bucket compared to the ocean of his knowledge, wisdom, and ability.  For more on this topic click here and here.

3 comments on “Let’s be honest about something

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