“Shame of the Cities” – Time for different tactics?

The latest issue of World Magazine has an article called “Shame of the Cities,” and it’s one of several articles that are available online from this issue.  You can read it here

Lezlie Sterling/Sacramento Bee/MCT/Newscom

Lezlie Sterling/Sacramento Bee/MCT/Newscom

The promotional blurb reads as follows, “Tens of thousands of young girls are being forced into prostitution in the United States; activist Linda Smith wants to know what Americans — and Christians — are prepared to do about it.”  That’s a good question, and it ties in well with several posts on this blog as of late, such as this one, this one, this onethis one, and this page.

The article highlights the efforts of Linda Smith and Shared Hope International, a non-profit organization with the mission of rescuing and restoring victims of sex trafficking.

So what are the different tactics I mentioned in the title of this post?

The solution, Smith has determined, is not that organizations redouble their fundraising initiatives, hire more staff, or work longer hours to reach more victims.  The solution, she says, is to dry up demand: “If there weren’t demand, there wouldn’t be the child sold.  If a few men were hung like crows over the corn, if men thought their life would be dead if they bought children, you better know some of them would stop buying.”

Like any other industry, supply and demand is the rule in the sex industry.  Makes sense to me.  When I was reading Not For Sale I was constantly reminded of what Paul wrote to Timothy in 1 Timothy 6:10, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils.”  And that truth may be most clearly revealed in human trafficking and the sex industry.

If you read Not For Sale, and/or other books and related materials, you will probably wonder, “Why isn’t anything being done about the demand side of this issue?”  According to what I’ve read so far, the prostitutes, child or adult, are the ones who are arrested and prosecuted most of the time.  But if what I’ve read is accurate, most of them, especially the children, are being forced into this by their pimps and slave-owners.  Why aren’t they coming under the gun?  And what about the users?  Are they not the individuals driving this evil machine forward? 

And that raises another question.  Acknowledging the truth of total depravity and mankind’s bent for sin, what fuel has been added to that fire to cause this sort of inferno?

The ready availability of internet pornography majoring in the exploitation of teenage girls has greatly fueled stateside demand over the past decade. Smith hopes to link pornography to sex trafficking in the minds of all men as a deterrent against beginning down a dangerous path. With input from Focus on the Family, SHI crafted The Defenders USA, an initiative challenging men not only to resist their personal temptations but actively to seek the downfall of the entire commercial sex industry.

Which brings us back to organizations such as Covenant Eyes and the need for human hearts made alive by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2 comments on ““Shame of the Cities” – Time for different tactics?

  1. Luke says:

    Isn’t this a sad reality. You are right: Man’s depravity is the source of all this sexual brokenness in the world.

    I think working at Covenant Eyes has brought me closer and closer to understanding what total depravity means.

  2. […] we should not be surprised about things like the proliferation of prostitution or the ever-abiding presence of human slavery when we allow and encourage our young boys to wrestle […]

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