Sermon recommendation: John MacArthur on “A True Knowledge of the True God”

I made a quick trip to Rapid City this evening to pick up some materials for a basement finish job that we’re doing (as Sundberg Builders), and took the opportunity to listen to a 2-part sermon by John MacArthur that I received in the mail this past week.  He started in Acts 17 with Paul in Athens addressing the Athenians about their worship of “the unknown god,” and he drew some excellent parallels with the world and the Church today, which makes sense since we as human beings are and always have been the same in our depravity, our desires, our capacity for good and evil, and our religious tendencies to need to worship something or someone.

Anyway, I highly recommend giving these sermons a listen, and they are available on the Grace to You website at these links (to watch, listen, read, download, etc.):

A True Knowledge of the True God, Part 1

A True Knowledge of the True God, Part 2

By the way, MacArthur, being the “theological watchdog” that he is, names names of modern preachers who knowingly or unknowingly align themselves with the pantheistic Athenians of the first century, and pass themselves off as “Christian” preachers and teachers.  Hey, someone has to have the courage to call a spade a spade!

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