Hey, what do you know? WordPress.com thinks that the Internet Monk and yours truly have something in common!

I just noticed that one of my blog posts is a WordPress.com “automatically generated possibly related post” attached to a blog post that Michael Spencer, aka The Internet Monk, wrote back in June of 2008 when gas prices were getting a little crazy.  I don’t fully comprehend the how and why that WordPress uses to determine these related posts, but I’ll take it as a complement in this case.  The blog post in question is “Pray at the Pump: A Meditation on Jesus and Economic Discipleship” and you should check it out.  As usual, the I-Monk doesn’t hold back in what he has to say.

I will add that if I were the WordPress automatic related post generator, I probably would have linked his post to this one, this one, or this one instead.

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