Book recommendation: Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris

Beginning with the Amish tradition of “Rumspringa” and ending with the concept of “humble orthodoxy,” Joshua Harris’s new book Dug Down Deep strives to answer the question, “What will you build your life on?” And in my opinion, it answers the question very well.  It’s not a comprehensive book on Christian theology, but it’s not trying to be either.  Using stories and illustrations from Harris’s life and family, the chapters cover topics (doctrines) such as theology, God’s holiness, Jesus’ incarnation, justification, sanctification, the Holy Spirit, and the importance of the church.

If I had to pick favorites, I particularly liked the chapters on sanctification, the church, and the closing chapter on “humble orthodoxy,” both of which, “being humble” and “believing correctly” (orthodoxy), should be inseparable, when sadly, so often they are not.

As the title of this post indicates, this is not intended to be a review, but merely a recommendation.  It’s a well-written book, it flows well, it’s accessible, and it deals with a topic that is often missing in today’s churches and in the lives of the Christians who make up those churches.  But that can change.  Read the book.  Develop a taste for good theology.

You can read the first chapter at this link.

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