Francis Schaeffer on Truth

Truth doesn’t depend upon agreeing with me.

That statement comes from an article by R. Greg Grooms called “Remembering Francis Schaeffer,” which appeared in the Summer 2002 issue of The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology, which was titled, “The Legacy of Francis Schaeffer.”  Here is the quote in its fuller context:

For Schaeffer, adopting a creed did not prevent dialogue, but rather was the basis upon which he communicated with those who disagreed with him.  When my Catholic mother-in-law-to-be came to Switzerland in 1978, she attended the discussion Schaeffer led each Saturday evening in the mountainside chapel near his home.  It was typical of the discussions that Schaeffer fostered in those years, full of conflicting opinions and extravagant personalities.  What struck her most forcefully about the discussion was the diversity of viewpoints it contained.  “I can’t believe you let these people disagree with you so much, Dr. Schaeffer,” she said afterwards.  “That’s the heart and soul of what we do here,” he replied.  “Truth doesn’t depend upon agreeing with me.”

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