Play with fire and you WILL get burned (applies to sin AND rock climbing)

Some friends and I spent a couple days in Las Vegas about 15 years ago on a mid-winter rock climbing road trip.  We spent most of our time in Joshua Tree and then stopped in Vegas on the way back to see some other friends, climb at Red Rocks, and recover from a really stupid climbing injury (that was me).

Climb enough big rocks, and you will eventually get hurt!

While we were in Vegas we took a short tour of some casinos.  I was shocked at the openness and availability of SIN in its many forms, and I expect the situation hasn’t improved in the intervening years from then to now.

I first noticed this video on our local newspaper’s website, and thought I’d post it here.  It’s from Associated Press and it’s a brief video essay about homeless guys living in the tunnels under Las Vegas.  The message I’m hearing from the guys in this video is the damaging effects of unbridled sin (or even bridled sin, if that’s possible), their disappointment with their own life-choices, and the hopelessness of their situation and their lives.

Hopelessness, that is, without the gospel of Jesus Christ.

One comment on “Play with fire and you WILL get burned (applies to sin AND rock climbing)

  1. rockclimbing says:

    How long do you usually go rockclimbing for? I usually make a day long affair of it.

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