Excuse me, Jesus, but who’s my neighbor?

I wrote about this on Facebook earlier this week and thought I’d include it here too.  What you see below are my Facebook status updates and comments, unedited.  Not a typical post, but hey, why not?

We’ve got this neighbor, 59-year old man, unemployed but trying to find work, has arthritis, out of money, hocked his car title at a pawn shop and needs between $300 – $400 to save his car. Anybody want to pitch-in and help?

As a follow-up to this thread for anyone else who’s watching this unfold, his name is Brian, and I’m going to suggest that he’s not going to be able to pay anyone back. But then Jesus said not to expect that to happen either.

We’re going to invite him to join us on Thanksgiving day for all he can eat, and even though this has been our worst economic year out of the past ten or so, we’re still going to help him keep his car.

And so I’ll ask again: anyone else want to help out?

Update to an earlier status: Our neighbor, Brian, just called to see if our church was going to be able to help him out. Told him I didn’t know yet, but a friend had heard about his plight here on facebook and donated to the cause, which brightened his day.

I also asked him to join us for Thanksgiving day dinner and he turned me down at first – said he didn’t want to impose his lifestyle on anyone or take their food away from them. I said that’s ridiculous and there will be plenty of food. He then said he hadn’t been invited to something like this for 20 years and started to get emotional…and then he finally agreed to come over.

Looking forward to it.

(If you’d like to help, let me know by commenting on this post.  If you don’t want the comment published, let me know that too.)

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