Boy, do I feel stupid!

It would be interesting to know where your brain just went with the title of this blog post.  Did you jump to conclusions about what I may or may not have done to arrive at the point of feeling stupid?  Mere speculation on my part, I admit, so I’ll get to the point.

This morning I listened to a 9Marks interview with Mark Dever and Aaron Messner.  Messner is the chaplain at Covenant College and the title of the interview is “College Students and the Local Church.”  If you are a pastor or someone who is part of a local church (and of course you’re involved in that local church, right?) you may find the interview interesting, relevant, and very helpful.

One of the topics they address is technology and how it is shaping people’s lives, and especially the lives of college students.  Think technology isn’t shaping your life?  Think again.  They mentioned an article that appeared last summer in The Atlantic called “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”  When I told Amy about the article she asked me if it was long, and I couldn’t help laughing in response and told her she had to read the article, especially after asking a question like that.  She did, and we have since discussed some of the issues raised by the author and how our life is being shaped.

To fully understand the irony of her question you’ll have to read the article for yourself.  And yes, by today’s standards it is a bit long, so brace yourself, buckle down and all that, and have a good read.

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