“Not on my watch, son. We don’t fight women.”

This strikes me as interesting timing. 

Over the past several weeks at church I’ve had a conversation or two about the current trend here in Spearfish and elsewhere of allowing girls to participate in what is normally a boy’s sport – wrestling.  As someone who wrestled in high school and briefly in the Army, and as a father of four girls, this seems to me to be just weird.  And sick.  And wrong.

John Piper addressed this very topic on the Desiring God blog this morning.  He has raised four boys and one girl, so he has plenty of room for the comments he makes about this issue.

Call me old-fashioned, but I agree whole-heartedly with what he has written on this.  If we as a culture allow this wall, this barrier, to fall, how can we be surprised when a boy or man acts with brutality or physical force against a girl or woman?  Are we really going to be able to distinguish between cheering for the process on the wrestling mat and condemning the process anywhere else?  Not likely.

There is evil in this development, and I can feel the hot lava of wrath starting to boil in the otherwise dormant volcano that is normally me when I think of any male of any age acting like this with one of the five females I have been charged with by God to protect. 

No, we should not be surprised about things like the proliferation of prostitution or the ever-abiding presence of human slavery when we allow and encourage our young boys to wrestle young girls for our entertainment.

2 comments on ““Not on my watch, son. We don’t fight women.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    There was a girl on the wrestling team when I was in high school, so mom didn’t let me join the team!


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