Unregenerate sheep (a.k.a. elder brothers)

When it rains, it often pours. 

On Tuesday I listened to Matt Chandler’s message from the Desiring God 2009 Conference for Pastors, and his message/topic was titled “Shepherds and Unregenerate Sheep.”  During the message he explicitly identifies these unregenerate sheep as the elder brother in the parable from Luke 15.  It was only this past weekend that I read Tim Keller’s book The Prodigal God and wrote about it here.

I actually heard his message twice on Tuesday.  I listened to it by myself earlier in the evening, and then Amy and I watched the video after the kids were in bed.  And I’ll probably listen to it again before all is said and done, whatever that means!

Don’t let the “Conference for Pastors” designation scare you off if you aren’t one.  I’m not, and I found his message very helpful.  In addition to Matt’s message, John Piper spoke about George Whitfield, Mark Dever spoke three times on evangelism, and Michael Oh was the missions speaker.  Those messages can currently be found on the Desiring God blog, but I would expect a separate page for these resources before too long.  When that’s available I’ll update this post with that information.

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