William Wilberforce – a biography

While reading it herself, Amy encouraged me to read (once she was finished with it, of course!) a biography of William Wilberforce written by Eric Metaxas called Amazing Grace.  She finished the last chapter before church yesterday morning, and I picked it up that afternoon.  I should have it finished by this evening and am starting to think about what could be written by way of review.

Wilberforce accomplished much, and led a long and very interesting life from 1759-1833, chief among his accomplishments being the abolition of slave trade in the British empire in 1807, and finally the emancipation of British slaves in 1833, three days before his death.  Many other things for the better of society were accomplished by him as well.

What I am most struck with as I read this book, I think, is how God has throughout history worked through the efforts of people, individuals and otherwise, to achieve his great and eternal purposes.  How humbling, and how thrilling, all at the same time.  The apparent, but only to our limited minds, paradox of divine sovereignty and human responsibility was vividly modeled by Wilberforce, as it has been by so many others throughout the dark and tattered history of our world.

On a lighter note, I’ll leave you with this tidbit from page 190.

All six of the Wilberforce children would be born at Broomfield in the next nine years.  Little William was born in 1798, Barbara in 1799, Elizabeth in 1801, Robert in 1802, Samuel in 1805, and Henry in 1807.  After the sixth child, Mrs. Wilberforce pronounced them all good, and rested.

One comment on “William Wilberforce – a biography

  1. Great story of his life! I am amazed at men like him who live for righteousness in their political careers. I pray that more men like him will rise up around the world and consider it a calling to live for God’s purposes in government. It sort of reminds me of the life of John Owen.

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