Belief – the past and the present

Earlier this evening I added a page to this blog called “What I believe.”  You can check it out by clicking on that tab at the top of this page.  In summary, I posted the New Hampshire Baptist Confession while also adding a link to the Acts 29 ‘Doctrine’ page.  The NHBC is from 1833/1853, and the Acts 29 statement is, I’m sure, much more recent. 

The reason I’m writing this post tonight is that about a week ago this post was added to the Acts 29 website, and it’s a brief discussion between Mark Driscoll and Ed Stetzer as they answer a question about reformed theology.  Ed makes the following statement in his part of the answer:

There is, what I call, a ‘nostalgic Calvinism’ that I think is spreading across North America that is very much pining away for the 18th century and a theological system that is birthed out of that, rather than pining away for a monergistic view of soteriology but a Biblically-driven missiology.

I think he’s probably right, and that’s why I prefaced the NHBC with what I wrote, including the link to the Acts 29 ‘Doctrine’ page.

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