The wormwood and the gall

Sinners, whose love can ne’er forget
the wormwood and the gall,
go spread your trophies at his feet,
and crown him Lord of all. 
Go spread your trophies at his feet,
and crown him Lord of all.


This morning before we left for church I was listening to three of the songs that were recorded live at this year’s Together for the Gospel conference in Louisville.  Next month Sovereign Grace Ministries is going to be releasing a CD with 16 songs on it from that conference, but there are three more songs that didn’t make the cut that they have made available for download at this site.  You can also preview the 16 songs that will be on the CD at that same site.

Anyway, one of the three songs available for download is All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name, and they sang a verse that I was not familiar with.  I did a google search for the hymn and found the words for what I was hearing, which I’ve inserted at the top of this post.  It’s not often in today’s world that we’re given cause to reflect on who we are (sinners), what we were without Christ (the wormwood and the gall), and what happened (the saving love of Christ for sinners whose very essence could be rightly described as wormwood and gall). 

Another good reminder of the gospel of the grace of God for sinners like you and me.  I know I need plenty of reminders, since my natural inclination is to forget how completely depraved I was and would be without Jesus Christ.

2 comments on “The wormwood and the gall

  1. Wes Walters says:

    thanks for this. I love this hymn and we’re doing an arrangement of this Sunday. I was compiling some explanations for this particular verse because some people just don’t know what it means and feel weird singing it. I had it all written out and explained theologically but couldn’t sum it up well. You’re blog here has done that. If you don’t mind, I’ll quote you for it this Sunday because it sums up everything so greatly. Thanks!!

  2. No problem, Wes, feel free to use it. I’m glad you found it helpful. In fact, your comment spurred me to read the post again and be reminded of that particular truth.


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