Here be dragons!


An Old Testament Theology


On Thursday morning I finished reading Let the Nations Be Glad! by John Piper.  Amy commented that it’s been a long time since I’ve read a book this steadily, and I readily agreed.  (My strategy of reading while riding seems to be paying off.)  So this morning I started once again reading Bruce Waltke’s An Old Testament Theology, but this time on the reading machine.  I started reading it at some point in the past year but got distracted by who knows what.  Anyway, what I’ve re-read is still good, and I’m looking forward to many hours of pedaling and reading (the last page of text is numbered 969).  There’s much to quote and comment on, but for now I’ll start and stop with this quote from page 15,

To many Christians the Old Testament is an unfamiliar and untamed terrain.  Although occasional panoramic peaks of grandeur jut out, its landscape appears to them to be mostly barren rocks and flat desert plains.  Moreover, dangers lurk for those who seek to tame the land through strict doctrinal systems; the ground rebels against their hands.  Many ill-prepared Christians beat a hasty retreat after a brief sojourn and return to the familiar surroundings of the New Testament or their church’s catechism and creedal statements.  This book aims to help the covenant people to negotiate this difficult terrain by showing both the discontinuity of its parts and the unity of the whole.  It is impossible to understand fully an individual block of writing without having an understanding of its whole context.  This theology aims to provide that larger picture.

And that’s why I’m reading this book.

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